Choosing the Best Picnic Food for Your Next Camping Trip

picnic platter

Picnic Plates is an essential part of a picnic. If there is a picnic planned, one must think about picnic platter ideas that compliment the meal you have planned. If the picnic is going to be outdoors, whichever way you go, you want to be able to enjoy your picnic. One must eat well before the picnic and a picnic plate is just the perfect addition to any picnic.

You can order gourmet picnic platter baskets that include cheese, crackers, and dried fruit. You can have various platters such as those that have Swiss chocolates, salami, olives, and others. You can even have a picnic platter catering to just you and your family or friends. They can also be customized to fit the size of your party.

Best Picnic Food

Cheese and/or crackers are a must on any picnic platter. Many times a picnic includes an assortment of cheeses such as brie, mozzarella, and provolone; you might consider serving a selection of cheeses on your picnic platter to make the food more enjoyable. Cheese and/or crackers can also be served with fresh summer vegetables. These items include fresh herbs and vegetables, salads, roasted chicken or turkey, fresh fruit, and even homemade bread.

For example, a picnic platter may include four ounces of shredded sharp cheddar cheese, eight ounces of grated and shredded pecorino, and eight ounces of sharp cheddar spread. All items should be mixed. A tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, a half a cup of hot mustard, and two teaspoons of paprika are added to this mixture. Bring all these ingredients to a boil over medium heat, then add your pimento cheese and mix thoroughly.

An excellent picnic platter would include pimento cheese, grilled vegetable, and cucumber salad. To make this picnic platter, combine chopped scallions, olive oil, lemon juice, chopped zucchini, halved cherry or grape tomatoes, and pimento cheese. Mix these ingredients in a large bowl, then add a small amount of mustard and a touch of paprika.

Another picnic platter idea for an heirloom tomato picnic is one that contains eight ounces of sliced and cut baby shiitake mushroom. Crackers with softened butter are to be laid on top of the mushrooms, followed by heirloom tomato slices. The crackers must be secured within the holes in the mushroom. Add parsley, celery stalks, and green onions to the mixture, and you have a delicious dish guaranteed to be mouth-watering.

picnic platter

Picnic Party

For a summer picnic party platter, you will need a variety of items. Salami, prosciutto, rigatoni, Fettuccini Alfredo, and Spaghetti squash are some of the ingredients that may be used. Put four ounces each of salami, prosciutto, and rigatoni. Add a quarter ounce each of chopped summer squash and garlic. Scrape any excess fat from these ingredients, and top with an egg, which serves as a side note.

Your picnic hutch will not do unless some picnic foods are put inside of it. This picnic table centrepiece idea should have at least one cheese slice and one olive, or two tomatoes and two pepperoni mushrooms. Add red pepper and caper sprig for extra flair. With your picnic hutch, it will be easy to find the right type of food for each dish, and you won’t have to worry about uninvited guests ruining your feast.

More Ideas

Other items to consider using with your picnic platter would be fresh fruits, and cheeses. Choose a fruity, such as grapefruit, melon, or watermelon to go with your salami, prosciutto, and rigatoni. These items can also be sliced with a melon slicer, or even sliced with a cucumber for a healthier option.

For some added crunch, add some crunchy raw vegetables to your platter. Raw vegetables will provide the necessary crunch without overwhelming your taste buds. A variety of celery, carrots, beets, cucumbers, radishes, onions, potatoes, and green beans all make great additions to a pimento cheese cracker. Using a pimento cheese cracker also provides a higher level of fat as compared to using hard-boiled eggs. Soft boiled eggs are a healthier option than hard-boiled, which contains considerably more fat.

When choosing which picnic food to bring along with you, be sure to choose foods that you can enjoy in their own right, without forcing yourself to eat something that you don’t like. You can always have a piece of fruit, and a small bottled beverage while you picnic if it proves difficult to select appropriate picnic food. Picnic platters are a great way to provide your picnic companions with healthy meals that are appealing and tasty at the same time. Choose picnic food that will make each meal an experience, rather than one of the few dishes on the menu.